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Видео сводка по Сирии на 3 апреля 2018. Джихадисты оставили Думу в Восточной Гуте RUS-ENG


Video summary of Syria on 3 april 2018. Jihadists leaving the city of Douma their last stronghold in Eastern Ghouta RUS-ENG

На основе достигнутых договоренностей Российским Центром по примирению враждующих сторон второй день продолжается вывод боевиков незаконных вооружённых формирований и членов их семей из н.п. ДУМА в Восточной Гуте.

Для обеспечения их выхода продолжает функционировать гуманитарный коридор в н.п. Мухайям Аль-Вафедин.

За истекшие сутки по данному гуманитарному коридору было выведено еще 1 123 боевика и членов их семей. Вышедшие перевезены на 24 автобусах на север провинции Алеппо.

Всего с начала действия гуманитарной паузы из города Думы вывезено 2 269 боевиков и членов их семей.

На протяжении всего маршрута их безопасность обеспечивалась сирийскими полицейскими под контролем офицеров российского Центра по примирению враждующих сторон и представителей Сирийского Арабского Красного Полумесяца.



Briefing by Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria (April 2, 2018)

The Russian Сentre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides continues working on peaceful settlement of the conflict and stabilizing humanitarian situation in the Syrian Arab Republic.

In general situation in the country is stabilizing, people return to peaceful life.

Meanwhile, despite the ceasefire regime being established throughout the country, the Russian-Turkish-Iranian Coordination Centre has registered several cases of ceasefire violation in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Homs, Damascus and Daraa.

It is the second day, the Russian Centre for Reconciliation and military police have been ensuring safe withdrawal of militants with their families from Douma. The Muhayam al-Wafedin humanitarian corridor has been functioning for this.

Over the last 24 hours, 1,146 militants with families have left the area via the humanitarian corridor. They were escorted by the Syrian patrol cars, SARC ambulance cars and Russian military police to Qalaat al-Mudik, the Idlib de-escalation zone.

Since February 28, in total, 30,376 people have left Douma via the abovementioned corridor.

In total since the humanitarian pauses were introduced, 154,286 people have been evacuated from the Eastern Ghouta with the help of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation is above all focused on stabilizing the humanitarian situation, providing medical assistance to the people in need and meeting the priority needs of citizens.

Representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation are taking measures to enable people to return back to their homes in Arbil, Jobar, Ein-Tarma and Zamalka.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation provided humanitarian aid to residents of Arbil, Aleppo province. People received 1,000 food sets and 1,300 portions of hot meals.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation is working on stabilizing humanitarian situation in other regions of Syria.

In course of the working meeting between representatives of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation and governor of Homs province, ceasefire agreements have been signed with the settlements of Taksis, Zor al-Jamaqliyah, Zor Abu Darda, Mashiyah, Qabikha, Amara, Aqshan, Zor al-Malan, Ramliyah, and Khanifah.

Residents of al-Huseiniyah, Deir ez-Zor province, received drinking water.

The Russian military medics provided medical aid to 90 Syrians including 20 children.

The reconstruction of the destroyed social infrastructure and the establishment of peaceful life in the Syrian provinces enable people to return back to their former homes.

Over the past day, 200 people have returned to Homs province and 723 people – to the province of Deir ez-Zor (on the eastern shore of the Euphrates).