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«Russian speaking ISIS members run to Ukraine» — British media | December 2017

Up to 500 «former» jihadists are hiding in a country that recently signed a visa-free travel agreement with the EU, according to the British Sky News website

The article talks about the inhabitant of Karat village in Dagestan (RF) Kazim Nurmagomedov. His youngest son Marat went to Syria to become Islamic State fighter. A total of three dozen Karata residents have left the village to join ISIS. Marat’s 62-year-old father went to Syria — to bring his son home.

Nurmagomedov came to Syria in 2013 and found his youngest son in a training camp in Aleppo. Attempts to convince Marat and other fellow villagers to return were unsuccessful — they believed that they were doing everything right and «were ready to die for Allah and Jihad.»

Having returned back to Russia, the old man did not give up. Using Whatsapp, he continued to demand from his son to return to his wife and child. Finally, persuasion worked — and Nurmagomedov began to plan the evacuation of his son from Syria.

«I devoted all my time to this, met people, traveling from Turkey and Egypt, where I spent four months, and to Moscow,» recalls Nurmagomedov.

Marat was able to escape with the help of his father, but for obvious reasons did not return to Russia, stayed in south Ukraine. A Sky News journalist met with the «former» jihadist in his modest, Spartan apartment. He did not intend to go home with his father.

«I’m a wanted man in Russia.» In Dagestan, intelligence agencies are very cruel, there have been cases when people like me were tortured and killed, » Marat said.

He is on the Russian list of terrorists — under number 5035. However, the ex-gunman himself claims that he does not pose a threat.

«Now I understand that these people (ISIS — ed.) Were wrong and will go to hell,» Nurmagomedov, Jr. says.

ISIS militants settle in Ukraine

And he is not the only former militant who is hiding in Ukraine. Public activists and analysts say that there are at least 400 to 500 jihadists there, coming from Syria and Iraq.

Most of them are Russian-speaking citizens of Russia or Central Asian states. Ukraine attracts them because of the opportunities and corruption — it’s easy to get a new passport here.

«They are coming here for passports — Ukraine is a corruption hub» the journalist of the Ukrayinska Pravda, Ekaterina Sergatskova, told the British channel, «you can get a biometric passport and move to Europe with an internal passport of Ukraine.»

Fake Ukrainian passport can be purchased for two thousand dollars — thanks to a whole army of corrupt officials, the publication states.

However, the migration service of Ukraine, in a conversation with Sky News, rejected these accusations, stating that the method of issuing a biometric passport practically excludes the possibility of using such schemes.


There are reports that former leader of jihadi faction «Ajnad al-Sham» (part of al-Qaida in Syria) Abu Hamza has become a citizen of Ukraine. According to the image, he’d changed his name to Manar al-Shami